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Keep Britain Untidy Campaign

I would like to announce and prompt the new “Keep Britain Untidy” campaign!


George Osbourne has come up with a great new strategy to make the unemployed and unemployable pick up litter to keep them motivated and above the poverty line. With technological unemployment (jobs made redundant by replacing with more effective computers & robots) increasing year on year, we are likely to be face with the worrying issue of not having a enough litter to be picked up.

So therefore it is important that we take responsibility and ensure there is a wealth and sustainable level of rubbish.  We are currently working with Mc Donalds, KFC & Starbucks to develop new strategies, taking advantage for the latest un-biodegradable materials, so they stick around and give us chance to collect by hand for the land fill. We are hoping these companies can take lead in educating our children to discard their rubbish in exciting and creative new ways, ideally in hard to reach, awkward yet highly visible locations.

Think of your children and grand children when you next place your rubbish in the appropriate bin, as it is certain that they will be faced with a future of technological unemployment and may be forced beneath the poverty line, due to there being not enough litter to go around 🙁


We must begin by acknowledging and discuss the inevitability of technological unemployment and that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as we would all like to work less. Start today by asking others their thoughts and ideas on the subject!


Funny because its true?

When we live in a society where the main stream media is compromised, then the fundamental truths are unlikely to make it thought the so called news. Satire seems the only way through, certainly in the BBC…

I thought I would post a snippet from BBC Radio4’s “Bremner’s One Question Show Ep5 – Who runs Britain?” of where the “one question” is actually answered. You will here the audience laugh, but is it really that funny? If we took it seriously, we might have to question the way we live, actually do something about it and change this screwed up world we live in…